Companion Plants For Your Organic Garden

  • Dill and Basil – Dill and basil are natural protectants for tomato plants, keeping away the dreaded hornworm.

  • Marigolds – One of the best companion plants out there, marigolds help virtually any vegetable. They are particularly helpful for tomatoes, repelling the nematodes that like to attack the roots of vegetables.

  • Mint – Mint repels both ants and cabbage moths.

  • Nasturtiums – Nasturtiums help prevent insects, particularly aphids, from attacking other plants. Aphids love Nasturtiums and will surround them instead of their neighboring plants.

  • Sage – Another helpful herb in the garden, sage can protect from cabbage moths.

  • Zinnias – Zinnias are excellent companion plants and attract ladybugs into the garden. Ladybugs are known to control unwanted pests like cabbage flies and aphids.
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