Introducing Prosper D2M

Introducing Prosper D2M

Why Prosper D2M?

Hello. My name is John Preising. I am the creator of Prosper D2M for Potentia LLC.

Prosper D2M was created because I wanted an effective, non hazardous pesticide that would not cause harm to my plants, lower my yield, or cause my flower to fail a pesticide test. I purchased and utilized every section 25 (b) pesticide I could find, experimented with spray cycles and application rates, adjusted temp and humidity on my indoor plants, you name it.

Finally, I just decided to create a formula for my own use. I jumped down the rabbit hole…

I found that many different components were effective in some cases, but not all. I wanted a product that I could rely on as long as I did my part as a grower. I knew better than to expect a product to solve pest control problems that I myself created through poor growing methods or habits.

I logged every variable, sourced the best components and sadly, sacrificed a great number of plants and lost a good amount of money... After a year my success rate started to rise. I was winning the battle.

The process ended up taking over four years.

The result was Prosper D2M.

Why Is It Better Pest Control?

Prosper D2M is a “better” because it is cost effective, can be used on plants in all stages of development, and was developed specifically to combat mites. We haven't wasted time or effort attempting to broaden our claims and uses to maximize a market share and create a "One Size Fits All" approach.

Our approach is focused specifically on combating mites, we tailor our ratios and select our ingredients in a manner customized to that issue. Prosper D2M is formulated with the best available components, sourced via small batch suppliers who focus on quality control and ethical standards.  Its “clean” and you can be confident it won't deliver a dirty pesticide test. The only ingredients you'll find in Prosper are the ones listed on the label. It's extremely effective if used as directed and if growers are using best practices in their gardens.

Why Should I Use Prosper D2M?

Buy Prosper D2M if you want an effective pest control product that won't break the bank, will give consistently good results, and that allows you to focus on producing a great final product. Pests are an aspect of growing that are going away.  You can do everything possible to have a clean crop, but, bugs happen. Prosper D2M can give you peace of mind and free you to focus on other aspects of the growing process.

What Else Should I Know?

Beyond our products, we emphasis training and education as the best weapons in the garden. We provide consulting, free education, agricultural content, and much more, aimed at giving gardeners the techniques and information they need to build a foundation of knowledge to employ when diagnosing and approaching problems in your garden.

The more frame of reference you can build through experience, the more comfortable you are expressing your creativity and innovation. Because at the end of the day, gardening is art, and art is always unique

Thank you in advance for trying, buying and using our product. We'd love to hear from you.

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