To Mulch or not To Mulch?

To Mulch or not To Mulch?

The word "mulch" has become a common use as the descriptive name for shredded wood or bark products; the truth is that mulch is an umbrella term for any product — organic or inorganic — that serves as a top dressing for soil.

The purpose of mulch is to conserve soil moisture, stabilize soil temperatures, reduce soil erosion, reduce soil compaction and prevent weed growth. A layer 2-4 inches deep will accomplish this in most situations.

Organic mulches are typically wood products: materials such as pine needles or bark, shredded cedar, aspen chips, arborists' tree trimmings or even recycled Christmas trees. However, compost, sea shells, ground corn cobs, grass clippings, and even nut hulls can also be used.

Organic mulches are often by-products of the local agricultural industry and can be very affordable even free. Due to their light weight, organic mulches are less expensive to transport and install than inorganic mulches. A cubic yard of organic mulch will cover about 100 square feet to a 3-inch depth.

Whether you decide to mulch or not, you now have a better understanding of why and what mulch is. Our compost heavy soil mix is Gaia's Gift give it a try today.

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