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We're the trusted choice for growers who care about the yields and the purity of their plants. 


Our organic living soils are carefully blended from the finest organic and natural ingredients and we’re proud to have earned organic certifications from both OMRI and Clean Green, independent certifiers who have tested and approved our soils for organic growing.  

We offer a proprietary line of premium potting soils and nutrients designed to work as a system for optimum yields and quality. 


Our soils can be used to grow outdoors, indoors, or in hydroponic or light deprivation systems.

Our organic living soils and nutrients support healthy plant growth

Our consistent product quality helps ensure consistent results

Our soils sequester carbon, helping combat climate change

Our experienced team is ready to help you achieve your best results

Organic Potting Soils


Krista Newman


We did an experiment by transplanting our seedlings, who are the same strain and popped during the same timeline. We did one with Gaia's Gift and the other with a competing soil. The difference is so noticeable ! Good Earth's product has increased  the growth substantially.

The results have been impressive!

Beau Rillo

To truly produce the very best... you have to truly seek out the very best starting materials and to seek out the best starting soil.

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