Our Nutrients

Good Earth Organics nutrients are blended from quality components and approved for organic growing, helping growers achieve optimum yields and purity.
Our nutrients are specially formulated to work best with our growing soils but can be used with any other soils to improve plant performance.

Boost 6-6-3 restores critical nutrients to our growing media in one easy step.


With its high nitrogen content, Boost 6-6-3 is appropriate for fully established, nitrogen-loving plants. It encourages rapid development of leaves and other foliage during the vegetative stage.


To use, simply mix it into or top-dress your soil.

Certified for organic growing by OMRI and Clean Green

COMPONENTS: Fish bone meal, feather meal, alfalfa meal, worm castings, shrimp meal, soybean meal, crustacean meal, sulfate of potash, gypsum, langbeinite, glauconite, seabird guano, kelp meal, and glacial rock dust

ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS: 10% humic acids (derived from carbonaceous shale)


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Coming Soon!

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