Origin Story

Roy Leon knelt in his garden rubbing a new green leaf between his fingertips. Other than sunshine, air, and water, everything in that leaf came from the soil he was kneeling on.

A career as a chemist and a passion for organic farming started him thinking that he could build a better potting soil – the perfect soil – airy enough to allow roots to easily grow and with the right balance of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus for a plant to thrive.

From this vision, GEO was born. Our commitment to organic inputs that deliver healthy, bountiful, high-yielding plants lives on through every product we craft today.

A Passion for Plants

Since 2008 commercial cultivators and home gardeners using in Good Earth Organics' soils and nutrients have grown lush, bountiful, and delicious plants that are good for people and the planet.

GEO grew quickly as many growers took intense pride in their crops and sought the best available soils and amendments.  When founder, Roy Leon, was ready to retire in 2016, he sold the business to Tim Clark, who shared his passion for clean, living soil and who had a vision to bring the Good Earth Organics line of products to growers throughout the U.S.

GEO Today

Good Earth Organics formulates and manufactures premium, certified organic potting soils and soil nutrients for indoor, hydroponic, and outdoor growers, yielding bountiful, toxin-free plants.

We ensure that plants grown with GEO products will be free from synthetic chemicals, inorganic pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins that plants absorb from media.

The GEO line of soils and nutrients work together to bring the right nutrients to plants at different stages of growth. To learn more about the GEO collection visit our Shop Now page and find the right for products for your growing needs.

Why Good Earth Organics?

Good Earth Organics is the trusted organic choice for premier growers in the Emerald Triangle. The GEO system of organic soils and nutrients delivers bountiful yields and pure, toxin-free plants.

We apply a best practice approach to everything we do, from an education-minded service approach to our commitment to being an organic and eco-friendly company. We treat our customers like partners and we are here to help growers succeed, whether on a 1000-acre farm, a backyard or a window planter.

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