Cave Junction Store Pricing

If you find yourself in Southern Oregon, we encourage you to visit GEO and shop local!

Our in-store pricing is substantially less than online because there is no 2-day shipping expense or commission charge from our online partners.  Convenience is great, but it can be expensive!   

Cloud 9 Premium Organic Potting Soil

A light, fluffy potting soil with a pH of 5.8 to 6.2, CLOUD 9 contains only coir, aged forest products, basalt, and perlite.

Perfect for seed and start gardeners seeking fast-draining potting soil that keeps plants at their optimum moisture levels.

$19.50 for 10g bag

Only Available In Store

GAIA'S GIFT Premium Organic Potting Soil

Gaia's Gift | NPK (.50-.33-.52) potting soil blends a nitrogen-rich assortment of organic and natural nutrients that promote lush vegetative growth and bountiful plant production.  

Ideal for maximizing the yield of mature, nitrogen-loving plants. 

$17 for 10g bag

Only Available In Store

ZEN BLEND Premium Organic Potting Soil

Zen Blend |  NPK (.20 - .12 - .21) is our most versatile blend for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits and is adaptable to outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse growing environments.

This light, fast-draining mix is safe for cuttings and seedlings and great for gardeners who prefer to tailor their fertilization. 

$18 for 10g bag

Only Available In Store

A Full Line of GEO Amendments & Nutrients Also Available

BOOST | NPK (6-6-3) Organic Soil Amendment

Available in 5lb, 25 lb & 50lb options from $15 to $80

VEG | NPK (9-6-5) Premium Organic Fertilizer for Vigorous Vegetative Growth

Available in 5lb and 25lb bags for $15 and $60

BLOOM | NPK (3-12.5-9) Organic Fertilizer For Intense Stacking and Flowering

Available in 5lb and 25lb bags for $15 and $50

BRIX | NPK (0.75-0.35-3) Organic Microbial Food for Ripening and Sweetening

Available in 5lb and 25lb bags for $15 and $60

GEO Has a Large Selection of Organic & All-Natural Products

Our Cave Junction blending site and retail store is loaded with other organic and natural products, as well as garden supplies, cool swag, and more!

Let our staff to help you find just what you need whether you are a commercial cultivator or a weekend grower.

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