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VEG 9-6-5 is an easily absorbed, well-balanced fertilizer that gives plants a great start in their green growth cycles. Clean Green certified.

  • Gives plants a great start in their green growth cycles
  • Delivers vigorous vegetative growth

  • Supports root development and encourages upward and outward plant expansion.
  • Produces abundant fruit and flower nodes resulting in higher fruit and flower yields
  • Clean Green Certified.

Good Earth Organics’ VEG, BLOOM, and BRIX work together as a 3-step nutrient feeding system for distinct stages of plant growth.



1 tsp. per qt. of soil

1-2 tbsp. per gal. of soil

1 cup per cu. ft. of soil (7 gal.)

15-25 cups per cu. yd. of soil (200 gal.) 

2 cups per 55 gal. for compost tea

Apply VEG 9-6-5 during the vegetative growth stage that occurs between germination and flowering.  Use as a soil top dress or mix with your favorite compost tea and brew in a well-aerated tank for 12-24 hours.

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