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GEO PACIFIC BULL KELP is a cold-pressed all-purpose liquid plant food that stimulates microbial activity in the soil to improve seed germination, growth yields, and overall fruit and flower quality, flavor, and color.

Pacific Bull Kelp is cold-pressed with pure Marble Mountain spring water, from the northernmost tip of California. GEO’s sustainably harvested Pacific Bull Kelp enables plant roots to uptake nutrients immediately and the added humic acid further assists in both the uptake and breakdown of plant food.  This is an excellent additive to reduce transplant shock or other plant stress reactions.

Non-toxic runoff is safe for lands that occur along watercourses and water bodies.

Good Earth Organics is committed to producing certified organic products that are good for plants and the planet.


Mix 2 ounces per gallon of water to produce solution.  

Add 1-2 oz. per liquid gallon of water; soak cuttings in solution overnight

Add 4 oz per liquid gallon of water to your base nutrients; root drench or spray directly on foliage.

Add 4 oz per liquid gallon of water to your base nutrients; root drench but

discontinue foliar spray.

Add 0.5 oz to each quart of water with each reservoir change.

COMPOST TEA Add 4 oz per liquid gallon.

COMMERCIAL GROWERS Add 1.5 to 2 liquid gallons per acre.

Gallons are US measurements. 

International shipping is not currently available.

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