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TRY THIS ALL IN ONE APPROACH - A 10g bag of GEO's most versatile soil, Zen Blend, paired with 1.25lbs each of GEO Veg, Bloom, and Brix fertilizers, each designed for a specific stage of plant growth.

A bundle to get you started growing your best medicine at home!

Zen Blend |  NPK (.20 - .12 - .21) 

  • Our most versatile blend for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits
  • Adaptable to outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse growing environments.

GEO TRIO 1.25 LB. 3-Part Fertilizer System VEG, BLOOM, and BRIX.

  • VEG - Gives plants a great start in their green growth cycles.
  • BLOOM - Supports strong bud and stem growth as well as fruit & flower density.
  • BRIX - Encourages ripening and sweetening.
  • Beneficial microbes increase nutrient uptake.

Good Earth Organics is committed to crafting a system of organic growing media and nutrients that is good for plants and the planet.

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