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Balanced Bundle: GEO Soil + Soil Balance Plant Probiotic

Includes One 10 gallon bag of GEO Soil + 1 gram of Soil Balance Pro

1 GM Soil Balance Pro Plant Probiotic 

Soil Balance Pro is an organic plant and soil probiotic designed to create healthy soils for people and the planet. It provides potted plants, gardens, and large-scale agriculture a thriving living soil system.

Choose 1, of the following 3 blends of our 10-gallon bagged soil options to complete your Balanced Bundle.

CLOUD 9 | INERT is great for seeds and starts for gardeners seeking fast-draining potting soil that keeps plants at their optimum moisture levels.  

Gaia's Gift | NPK (.50-.33-.52)  is great for established plants. It is a nitrogen-rich assortment of organic and natural nutrients that promotes lush vegetative growth and bountiful plant production.  

Zen Blend |  NPK (.20 - .12 - .21) is for seeds, starts or established plants. It is our most versatile blend for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits. It is also adaptable to outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse growing environments. 

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