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A Pallet of GEO Soil 

PRO Soil Pallet: Good Earth Organics Premium Organic Potting Soil 56 Bags come on a pallet. Choose from Cloud 9, Gaia's Gift, or Zen Blend. 

CLOUD 9 | INERT is great for seed and start gardeners seeking fast-draining potting soil that keeps plants at their optimum moisture levels.  

Gaia's Gift | NPK (.50-.33-.52) blends a nitrogen-rich assortment of organic and natural nutrients that promote lush vegetative growth and bountiful plant production.  

Zen Blend |  NPK (.20 - .12 - .21) is our most versatile blend for growing flowers, vegetables, and fruits and is adaptable to outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse growing environments. 

If you would like a mix of bags on a single pallet, call us at 541-592-4855 and ask for a mixed pallet!

Shipping is not available to AK or HI.  Lift-gate service required.

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